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1st Journal Entry

Although long overdue, I am pleased to present to you...

My new site!

A small showcase of my jewelry work.

This is a first version. I'm learning how to build this thing as I go along, so fine tuning will happen with time.

In the 'Works' gallery you can find a small collection of jewelry I've made. I've only included works with photo quality that was good enough to post (although some, just barely!). Credit is due to master jewelry photographer Anthony McLean for the photos of the ButterFly rings, Rock...Star earrings and Rise earrings - clearly Pro! Aside from those, I have taken all others myself. Jewelry is tricky to photograph and demanding of extra time. So if your piece is not in the 'Works' gallery it's only because, in the rush of getting it to you, I hastily took photos and the resolution was not clear enough to post. 

For those interested, here's a little trick to finding a short description of materials used in the Works section; * Hover above the photograph.

For fans of my leather cuffs, I will be including a seperate gallery in the future.

Also, I will be posting a 'rough' photo journal on this page.

Hope this is enlightning as to what I do. And hope you enjoy!